Renewable Applications

<span>Renewable</span> <span>Applications</span>

Haigh Engineering are experts in waste processing and separation technology using fine particle maceration for biogas plants.

Haigh products are ideally used in Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas processes due to the output of smaller particles sized at 2-3mm and increasing the surface area available for the reaction.

Haigh equipment used has been designed with longevity in mind; affording reliability and reducing the potential expense of down time in plant environments. Haigh macerators and liseps are also ideally used to separate liquids and solids, and even solids and packaging – depending on the type, category and source of the collected waste.


An insight into the engineering world of Haigh

Haigh has used SolidWorks for several years to cover almost every aspect of our product development process. It helps keep Haigh at the forefront of British engineering for macerators and wastewater treatment systems.

Successful renewal of management systems

Haigh Engineering are pleased to announce the successful renewal of their management systems being compliant to Standard(s):
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